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Interest in robotics is increasing in many parts of the world, and developing countries are no exception. From research projects aimed at developing novel robotic systems for unique challenges, to education and outreach programs that use robotics to enhance students’ interest in STEM fields, the collection of robotics projects in developing countries provides a fascinating panorama of the potential and impact robotics can have around the world.

This site features information on a diverse array of robotics projects in developing countries around the world. Work featured is from a wide range of categories, including research, education, outreach, academic work, industry work, governmental work, and NGO work.

The site was launched as an interactive display at the ICRA 2015 conference in Seattle, Washington, and highlighted at a forum featuring authors of selected projects. Our hope is that this site will serve as an ongoing resource and place for discussion of relevant applications, current trends and future directions of robotics in developing countries, opportunities and challenges of robotics work in developing countries, and opportunities for “south-south” as well as “north-south” collaboration.

If you are working on a robotics project in a developing part of the world, and would like to it considered for inclusion on this site, please fill out this form.

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