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2017 Developing Countries Forum

Call for participation

Interest in robotics is increasing in many parts of the world, and developing countries are no exception. From research projects aimed at developing novel robotic systems for unique challenges, to education and outreach programs that use robotics to enhance students’ interest in STEM fields, the collection of robotics projects in developing countries provides a fascinating panorama of the potential and impact robotics can have around the world. After the first very successful edition at ICRA 2015, the Developing Countries Robotics Forum (DCRF) will now be held for the second time at the IEEE AFRICON 2017. It  aims at bringing together academics and practitioners from the field of robotics acting in the developing world or with impact for or focus to the developing world. At the forum, a wide range of work in robotics, including but not limited to research, education, outreach, academic work, industry work, governmental work, and NGO work is welcome.

These can be in as diverse fields as
* Robotics in classrooms or other education activities,
* Agricultural Applications
* Urban Search and Rescue Robots
* UAVs
* Service Robots
* Logistics Robots
* and many more

Furthermore, participants interested in
* Collaboration between institutions
* Collaboration between academia and industry
* Expressing research interests
* Seeking collaboration opportunities
* Discussing interesting robotics topics that further research could explore
* Industry products and supplies that could assist with robotics research, development and businesses
are encouraged to participate.

At the second Robotics in Developing Countries Forum peers will present their work interactively in poster sessions, by flash talks and even remote participation will be possible. All researchers, educators, and practitioners working in robotics in developing countries, as well as those with an interest in this work are invited to participate.
Discussions will center on themes such as relevant applications, current trends and future directions of robotics in developing countries, opportunities and challenges of robotics work in developing countries, and opportunities for “south-south” as well as “north-south” collaboration.
As was done with the the previous edition, projects will be highlighted on the interactive display.


13:20: Welcome
13:30: ROS Industrial and the ROSIN project
Alexander Ferrein
14:00: Design, development and testing of an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with weather profiling sensors [remote presentation]
George Okereka, Abraham Akinwale and Akpevwe Emeka
14:15: Multi-disciplinary research, including drones, prosthetics, and mobile systems combining techniques for solving problems
Riaan Stopforth
14:30: ARCSSTE-E – iLAB Robotic Education Programme (REP) [remote presentation]
O. O. Alabi, G. Agbaje, M. Fagbeja.,  E. O. Gbobaniyi, O. Ilori, S. Elemo, F. O. Ajayi, A. O. Morakinyo, S. Fatile, M. Oloko-Oba, A. B. Falade1, L. Alage
14:45: AGNES: The African-German Network of Excellence in Science
Heather Marco, Alexander Ferrein
15:00: Robotics Center of South Africa: A means to encourage national collaboration
Andre Hoffmann, Riaan Stopforth


16:40: Social Robotics [remote presentation]
Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano
17:10: Wrap-Up

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