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COTS – Sound Source Localization

COTS – Sound Source Localization

COTS is low cost sensors for acoustic localization and mapping: in the case of gas leakage in oil and gas refineries. This work presents acoustic localization research that includes mapping onto 3D optical space using COTS and provide a glimpse of into future research directions.

Their research initiatives are undertaken to design and develop a low cost industrial solution using physical, proprioceptive, exteroceptive sensors mounted on a COTS robotic platforms which helps in inspection and surveillance tasks while maximizing the accuracy. These research initiatives are focused on monitoring gas pipelines leakage using a low-cost, robotic multisensory platform with a view of improving safety and averting potential disasters is an area of our active research. This work also includes the surveillance missions for trapped survivors using low cost acoustic localization method with enhanced accuracy by exploiting robotic locomotion and fusion of acoustical bearing information and ranging from optical 3D model generated from the low cost cameras.

They observed that the accuracy of the localization techniques is dependent on the relative bearing of the acoustic source and greatly improves for sources placed at an angle of 90 degrees w.r.t the microphone array i.e. broadside as compared to others. Leveraging the advantage of platform locomotion, the authors present a simple trigonometric, yet powerful method for improvement.

In this work, the authors have implemented various state of the-art techniques including Cross-correlation (CC), Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Phase Transform (PHAT) to experimentally validate their performance. The hardware implementation is carried out by using a low-cost microphone-array mounted on a robotic platform.

The stopping criteria of the mobile robot towards reaching the source is carried out by using the range information (i.e. distance of microphones from the acoustic source) obtained from 3D model structure generated from the low cost optic camera.

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