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EG Robotics Project

EG Robotics Project


EG Robotics is an initiative launched by Hadath Egypt for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that aims to build new scientific and business communities in the emerging field of robotics in Egypt and MENA. What began as a series of robotics competitions for students in Egypt has evolved into a roadmap for long-term growth: students from the competitions became graduates, and now these graduates are eager to build an industry. The hope is that each generation will build on the successes of the generation before it, creating a value chain that is able to take advantage of a growing pool of talented human resources.

Achieving this goal requires continuous support for the various elements of the ecosystem, from pre-university STEM education, to engineering students, to research and development, entrepreneurship and support for robotics startups, to the industrial sector (both vendors and system integrators) and, finally, to the various types of consumers. EG Robotics aims at stimulating interdependence between all of these elements. In addition, it targets to build bridges and to foster technology transfer between the Egyptian market and other international markets.

EG Robotics encompasses numerous activities aimed at building this ecosystem, including monthly meet-ups, hackathons, start-up support, R&D support, and organizing a “robotics week” in Egypt.

Read more on Robohub, or check out EG Robotics’ Facebook and Twitter pages.


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