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GIT: A Peruvian Approach to Out-of-the-Box Robotics

GIT: A Peruvian Approach to Out-of-the-Box Robotics

Technology is an open door for developing countries to boost the economy by strengthening industries. Following this logic, most governments fund academic research and encourage collaboration between the academic and industrial world. The successful accounts from the Technological Innovation Group (GIT) are an encouragement for such programs.

GIT started in 2012 as a free-to-imagine program where students were given built robots to experience robotics through experimentation. This gave them a better insight on robotic programming and hardware customization. The group started publishing academic articles on their findings and is currently expecting to become an innovation hub that can produce technologically transferable projects and scientific research in robotics.

Among the successful projects run by GIT is Sunaya, an automated beach cleaner. This was the first 3D printed robot developed in Peru. This robot as well as others produced by GIT had for purpose to promote research on social robotics. The group has always been commended for its out-of-the-box way of designing robots for social interaction. As explained by the group members, these robots are designed in a Peruvian culture and this lets them solve problems in a different way than conceived by roboticists in developed countries.

Funding for GIT projects comes from government programs, the university and the students themselves. As underlined by the students, the impact of their project is not just academic. Nationally, the success of GIT encouraged more industries to invest in scientific research. On a wider scale, international researchers were inspired by how GIT robots are culturally integrated to solve local problems. The group is looking forward to collaborating with international pairs and exchange students.

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