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SAKSHAR: Device for Interactive Learning of Alphabets

SAKSHAR: Device for Interactive Learning of Alphabets

It has been in current discussions that the traditional procedural education system does not help improve literature and arithmetic skills creatively. In developing countries, students are prone to dropping out of school, mostly because of lack of motivation. Therefore, making education interactive and engaging is of prime importance.

The proposed solution in this project is SAKSHAR-IDTV, which consists of a computer, a laser sensor and a projector to produce graphics on the screen.

The main target of this project are children who are new to schools. The system works in the form of a game to help the student learn the alphabet. On each new letter to learn, four images of well-known objects are proposed. The student gets to choose which object represents the letter, and in the testing mode, the student is challenged to remember the learned letters by remembering the corresponding objects.

The game was designed in the Hindi language, the fourth most spoken language globally. It also has an English version, and lately, thanks to their library to render Hindi fonts in openTK, the authors are able to render fonts for other Indian languages like Bengali and Urdu.

To track the finger of the user throughout the game, the laser gets a nominal point from the user and corrects it after collecting multiple readings from the screen. In the future, the calibration values will be saved and reused.

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