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  • Are you involved with any endeavor in the developing world that includes robotics in some way?
  • Does your research or technology development project involve sensing, “thinking”, and “acting”?
  • Are you creating autonomous or “intelligent” systems in hardware and/or software?
  • Do you run a program that uses robots and/or robotics for education or outreach among students or people young or old?
  • Are you working on automation for industrial or service applications?
  • Are you tinkering with electronics and sensors, trying to create systems that interact with the physical world?
  • Do you run a robotics research program or lab?
  • Do you teach robotics at your university or school?

If any of the above apply to you, and you’re working in or with a part of the world that can be considered “developing”, we’d love to hear about your project, however large or small it is. Please use the form below to tell us about it. If you have multiple relevant projects to include, you can fill this form multiple times.

Project / Program Title

What country, region or city is the project/programme located?

Who hosts/leads/runs/coordinates this project or programme? You can put the name of individual(s) or institution(s).

Please summarize your project in 2-3 sentences (approximately 350 characters total):

Please describe your project in more detail (approximately 5-7 short paragraphs). This text will be used as the basis for your project's page:

Does your project have a website, or is it featured on any other website(s)? If you have multiple URLs, please list each one on a separate line.

Please upload an image sized 480x240 pixels to use on the map page.

Please upload an image sized 960x320 pixels to use as the banner image on the page for your project.

If you have additional images you'd like included in the body of your project page, please upload them here. Images should be 300 pixels wide.

If there is a video that you would like to include with your project, please provide a link to it here:

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What is your role with respect to the project or program described above?

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